Builder’s Guide to prepare your Garage Frame

This is a guide to help builders preparing garage frame to get ready for a garage door. There are many garages that were built without sufficient side room or  headroom, making it difficult to install a garage door. This guide will help you to prepare your garages frame appropriately with sufficient clearances.

Please have a look at the following diagrams for guide on Side Room, headroom and opening size. Please note, the following specifications are for Gliderol garage doors.





If you get confused or overwhelmed by the above diagrams, simply note the following important measurements:

  • The garage needs to have a FRAME so  it will need:
    • Side room of at least 120mm on EACH side. It would be ideal to have 150mm or more.
    • Headroom of at least 340mm for a manual door or 390mm if you are planning to get automation
  • The final door size will be the garage opening size PLUS 60mm overlapping. For example, if your final opening width is 2500, the garage door final width will be 2560.
  • Our standard single sectional door size is 2180 height by 2500. However, you can order any custom size door to suit your garage opening.

If you have further questions regarding preparing your garage door frame, please give us a call on (02) 9723 0953 or send us an email at .

Choosing the right Garage Door Opener

choosingWith so many different brands and models of garage doors motors out there, how do you know which motor is the best for your garage door? There are many websites that list “The Top 10 Garage Door Openers” or “The most Popular Garage Doors Motors 2015”. But according to who? Are they simply selling the products they stock or promoting for their advertisers?

We mainly brands  such as Merlin, ATA, Steel-Line Boss and Gliderol. But we would not state “These are the top openers”. We can only list the facts for each motor based on our installers’ experience and most importantly, based on our Customers’ feedback over the years.

One thing for sure, we can only recommend the most reliable products to keep our Customers happy, also for OUR business sake. This is because we offer up to 7 years warranty on some of these garage door motors, if the motor is not reliable then we would waste a lot of time & money to come back for warranty service.

So the question remains, how do you choose the best garage door opener? We believe you should make your decision based on the following:

  • How much warranty is being offered? This is usually a good indication of the opener’s durability.
  • Is the company reputable and how long has it been in business? Will the business uphold their warranty? You can check for a business’s ABN and other details to see how long it’s been operating etc.
  • Is the motor compatible with your garage door? Check the size of your garage door against the maximum size the motor can lift.
  • Choose between the option of a Belt Driven motor or a Chain Driven motor (for sectional / tilt doors). The Belt Driven motor is generally more quiet, durable and it is obviously a newer model comparing to the Chain Driven opener.
  • Will the motor fit the garage door’s clearance? If your Roller Garage Door has very limited side room, you might have to look for specific brand of motor which is extra slim.
  • Reputation and popularity. Some people choose an opener based on their own experience or their friends and family’s recommendation. For example, the Merlin brand seems to be the most popular choice as many people have heard or have used this brand before.
  • The price! This is important too. If you’re on a tight budget, which would you choose? A Gliderol motor with 5 years warranty which cost $400, or the popular Merlin with 5 years warranty which cost around $500? In the end, we think warranty is what most matters (providing that the company provides full warranty paperwork and will uphold their warranty).

There are many other factors that people would take into consideration when choosing a garage door opener. As long as it suits your individual preferences and your garage door requirements.

Why not have a chat with us today or call (02) 9723 0953. We can recommend a suitable brand and model to suit your budget, door type & size.

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What type of garage door do I have?

whitepanel3_smallWhen you submit a Quote Request online or call us to get a quote, we will ask you what type of garage door do you have. Many of our Customers do not actually do not know. This is totally understandable. We will now attempt to describe each door type to help you identify what garage door you have.

There are 3 common type of garage doors:

As the name suggests, a Roller Door rolls up into 1 big roll up the top when it opens. This picture shows an example how a Roller Door looks like externally Roller Door –  External View .

Sectional Doors have 4 or 5 panels join together internally. A Sectional Door has tracks on the sides and springs up the top at the front of the door (front mount springs). A Sectional Door opens straight up, wheels rolling on tracks and the panels go up against your garage ceiling. This picture shows an example of the inside of a Sectional Door  Sectional Door – Internal View

Tilt or Tilted garage doors are also called ‘1 Piece’ doors. The entire door is in one piece of colorbond or timber. When opens, a Tilt door swings outwards and the top of the panel goes into the garage. A Tilt doors usually have arms and springs towards the front.

If you are still unsure about what type of garage door you have, feel free to contact our Rep for further clarification.

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What do I need to automate my Garage Door?

Garage door automation can be very straightforward if your garage door was installed “appropriately”. An onsite inspection is not required for garage door automation. Your garage door just need to meet the following basic requirements:

Garage Door is in good working condition

It doesn’t matter if your door is 5 years old or 30 years old, as long as it has been maintained well and it’s in good working condition. The way to tell is, is it hard to open and close manually or you can do this fairly smoothly? As long as it’s opening & closing well then we should be able to automate it.

There is a standard power point within your garage

The motor will need to be plugged into a standard power point at all times. Please check to see if there is a power point within your garage. For Roller Doors, the power point should ideally be close to the side of the door. For Sectional Doors or Tilt Doors, a power point up in the ceiling, in the middle of the garage would be perfect. Keep in mind, the motor itself does have a 1 meter cord.If your power point is further away, you can always temporarily run an extension lead to the motor.

There is sufficient head room or side room

Many garage doors do not have enough clearance for them to be automated. When you ask for a quote we will definitely ask “How much sideroom / headroom does your garage door have?”. For Roller Doors, we need sideroom of at least 200mm from the door bracket to the sidewall. For Sectional Doors & Tilt door, we need headroom of at least 300mm. Please ask our Sales Rep for further assistance on checking garage door clearance.

The garage door is within the size you have stated

Garage doors come in many different sizes. A Single garage door does NOT mean 1 door, a Double does not mean 2 doors. A single garage door means it’s a small door which fits ONE (single) car. A standard single is around 2.1 meter high by 2.5 meter wide. A double garage door means it’s a big door which fits TWO (double) cars. A standard double is around 2.4 meter high by 5 meter wide. When asked, please give us your best size estimation. We do not expect you to be exact, but if you state the garage door is a single and it turns out to be 4 meter wide, understandably there will be an additional installation cost.

There is an alternative access into your garage

If not, we recommend installing an external key release (additional cost).An alternative access into your garage door could be an internal door through to the house or a small back door. Once your garage door is automated, if there is a power failure or any problem with the motor, you will need to be able to get into your garage using an alternative access to pull the manual override cord (releasing the door back to manual mode). For people who live in an apartment, unit or have a detached garage with no other way to get in, we will recommend installing an external key release. This is an extra cost (from $90), however it is optional and you can decide on the day.

If you are unsure about anything else or have any other questions regarding garage door automation requirements, please do not hesitate to ask our friendly Sale Rep, we’ll be more than happy to help!

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