Builder’s Guide to prepare your Garage Frame

This is a guide to help builders preparing garage frame to get ready for a garage door. There are many garages that were built without sufficient side room or  headroom, making it difficult to install a garage door. This guide will help you to prepare your garages frame appropriately with sufficient clearances.

Please have a look at the following diagrams for guide on Side Room, headroom and opening size. Please note, the following specifications are for Gliderol garage doors.





If you get confused or overwhelmed by the above diagrams, simply note the following important measurements:

  • The garage needs to have a FRAME so  it will need:
    • Side room of at least 120mm on EACH side. It would be ideal to have 150mm or more.
    • Headroom of at least 340mm for a manual door or 390mm if you are planning to get automation
  • The final door size will be the garage opening size PLUS 60mm overlapping. For example, if your final opening width is 2500, the garage door final width will be 2560.
  • Our standard single sectional door size is 2180 height by 2500. However, you can order any custom size door to suit your garage opening.

If you have further questions regarding preparing your garage door frame, please give us a call on (02) 9723 0953 or send us an email at .

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