What type of garage door do I have?

whitepanel3_smallWhen you submit a Quote Request online or call us to get a quote, we will ask you what type of garage door do you have. Many of our Customers do not actually do not know. This is totally understandable. We will now attempt to describe each door type to help you identify what garage door you have.

There are 3 common type of garage doors:

As the name suggests, a Roller Door rolls up into 1 big roll up the top when it opens. This picture shows an example how a Roller Door looks like externally Roller Door –  External View .

Sectional Doors have 4 or 5 panels join together internally. A Sectional Door has tracks on the sides and springs up the top at the front of the door (front mount springs). A Sectional Door opens straight up, wheels rolling on tracks and the panels go up against your garage ceiling. This picture shows an example of the inside of a Sectional Door  Sectional Door – Internal View

Tilt or Tilted garage doors are also called ‘1 Piece’ doors. The entire door is in one piece of colorbond or timber. When opens, a Tilt door swings outwards and the top of the panel goes into the garage. A Tilt doors usually have arms and springs towards the front.

If you are still unsure about what type of garage door you have, feel free to contact our Rep for further clarification.

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